More About Us

We are passionate about helping others do great work and create positive change.

Our mission is to help leaders find clarity and take action to build stronger organizations through growth and change. We love exploring new ways for people to work together and overcome their stickiest problems to create change from the ground up, and believe people should be empowered and change should be led, not managed.


Tara Horn, MAAPD

Tara received her Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development from the Australian National University and has a deep understanding of how cultural systems work and how to use both data and participation to drive change from the ground up. Before moving to Portland, she worked as a house painter, a teacher, an archaeologist, and with community-based refugee and political activist groups in Southeast Asia. She had a brief but successful business selling fair-trade laptop sleeves from Thailand as well as a non-profit distributing educational materials to political exiles. More recently she has specialized in designing and conducting mixed-methods research, data analysis, and program evaluation for faculty, nonprofits, and public agencies.

A born explorer originally from the Midwest, Tara Horn has lived, worked, and studied in five countries and traveled through even more. She believes in doing better, questioning assumptions, and lifting up others to do good work. She may have a soft spot for anarchist theory and practice. She founded The Praxis Department to help others find answers, solve complex problems, and do good work in the world.