A healthy work culture helps employees thrive and grow, leading them to be more engaged, effective, and committed to their work. All of that adds up to a more resilient and successful company. Should you leave something this important up to chance? With our cultural design services, we can help you develop your culture with intention, so you can build a company you love and a culture that works.

Our Cultural Design Process

We use participatory learning & action to build your culture from the ground up - engaging everyone in an iterative process of learning, planning, and acting to build a culture based on shared vision and values.


Assess the state of the current culture and discover key strengths and issues.

Engage with a company-wide conversation about culture, plus customized workshops to build shared knowledge.


Create shared vision & values to define your new culture.

Develop strategies to align work systems with the shared values and achieve the envisioned culture.


Ongoing support to ensure successful implementation of strategies, with a framework for evaluation in the short and long term. So you can track progress, build on successes, and adapt as you go.

Why it works

Our process builds a strong foundation for cultural development through individual awareness, positive leadership, and systemic changes to the work environment. It works because it addresses the big picture of systemic change, while also supporting and empowering individual action from day one. When it comes to culture, there's no one size-fits all solution. We adapt to your unique situation to create sustainable and internally-driven cultural change.

Is it right for you?

Whether you are a company of 5 or 500, if you are ready to build a culture that aligns with your values and helps employees thrive while building your bottom line, then we can help!

We'd love to hear about your vision! Give us a call at 503-395-5392 or send us a message for more info or a free consultation!